How does hybrid battery repair machine achieve rapid recovery of battery capacity?

Publish Time: 2024-05-14
Hybrid battery repair machine uses a series of advanced technologies and steps to quickly restore battery capacity. The following are its main working principles and steps:

Diagnosis and evaluation: First, the hybrid battery repair machine will conduct a detailed diagnosis and evaluation of the battery. Through the intelligent identification system, the repair machine can automatically determine the degree of damage to the battery, its remaining capacity, and the repair plan that needs to be adopted.

Cleaning and pre-treatment: Before repair, the repair machine will clean and pre-treat the battery. This includes removing dirt, oxides and other impurities from the battery surface to ensure the effectiveness of the repair process.

Deep charge and discharge: The repair opportunity uses a special charge and discharge procedure to deeply charge and discharge the battery. This process is designed to eliminate the memory effect inside the battery and activate the chemicals inside the battery to restore battery capacity.

High-frequency pulse repair: For batteries that are seriously damaged by sulfation, salinization, etc., high-frequency pulse repair technology will be used for repair. This technology emits high-frequency pulse signals to destroy the sulfide and salt structures inside the battery, converting them into soluble substances, thereby restoring battery capacity.
Equalizing charging: During the repair process, the repairing machine will perform equalizing charging on the battery. This ensures balanced voltage and capacity between individual cells within the battery, thereby improving the performance and lifespan of the entire battery pack.

Real-time monitoring and adjustment: The repair machine will monitor the voltage, current, temperature and other parameters of the battery in real time during the entire repair process, and automatically adjust the repair parameters according to the actual situation. This ensures the stability and security of the repair process.

Completion and testing: When the repair machine detects that the internal reaction of the battery has reached its optimal state, it will automatically stop the repair process. After the repair is completed, the repair machine will perform a performance test on the battery to ensure that the battery capacity and performance are effectively restored.

Through the above steps, the hybrid battery repair machine can quickly restore battery capacity and improve battery performance and life. This technology is of great significance for extending the service life of hybrid vehicles and reducing maintenance costs.

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